Distance Learning Display Idea: (Free) Digital Bulletin Boards

A few days ago I was leading a blackout poetry workshop for interested students on Google Meet when I realized I really wanted them to be able to see each other's work at the end. I'm a big fan of the gallery walk, after all, even though we can't exactly drop by each other's desks right now. 

So I grabbed a different device, put up a Google Slideshow, dropped a badly lit Photo Booth shot of my blackout poem into a slide, and sent it out so everyone could add their own photo. 

It was sudden techspiration. Very last minute. A bit frantic. But in the end, it worked! I played Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" in the background while the kids figured out how to get their photos into the slide deck, and in the end, everyone managed. We had our virtual gallery walk. 

Which got me thinking, how else can we bring the visuals into our virtual learning? What about all the things we would normally be displaying in our classroom? Great student work. Helpful posters. Book selfies. 

So I designed a bright set of digital bulletin boards. You can use these to display whatever you want. choose your favorite color and copy the slide, or use them all. Move the pushpins around as you wish. It's pretty fun, especially if you're missing your classroom space a whole heck of a lot.  

Here's the link for you to make a copy of these four digital bulletin boards to your Google Drive and start playing around with the possibilities. 

I'd love to see the digital bulletin boards you create! Post a screenshot on your Instagram and tag me @nowsparkcreativity

What are you excited to try these out with? Share an idea in the comments below!


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