Episode 031: 3 Engaging Lessons (Murder Mysteries, Ted Talks, SNL Clips)

In today's episode of The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast, I'm talking to Amanda from Engaging and Effective

I first discovered her blog a few months ago and have been hooked ever since. 

You're going to love the way she weaves pop culture and multimedia into her curriculum to help further her students' learning and build relationships with them. Half the time, I bet they're having too much fun to notice how quickly they are learning! Amanda is definitely the kind of teacher I would want if a crazy time warp took me back to high school. 

In this episode, we're going to dive into three amazing lessons she has developed for her students: murder mysteries, Ted Talks, and SNL clips. 

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As you continue to scroll down, you'll find links to Amanda's blog posts on each topic and the videos we discuss in our conversation. At the bottom you'll find out about this week's podcast review challenge, and how you can win a free choice blogging curriculum for your classroom. 

Topic #1: Classroom Murder Mysteries

During this part of the show, Amanda shares several year's worth of experience crafting a wildly successful high school themed classroom murder mystery lesson.

Amanda's Post on the Subject:

Topic #2: Ted Talks

During this part of the show, we talk about how and why Amanda uses Ted Talks with her students, and which ones she'd recommend most highly. 

Amanda's Posts on the Subject:

The Ted Talks Amanda recommended most highly during the show:

      Mind of a Procrastinator

     Don’t Eat the Marshmallow

     Everyday Leadership

Topic #3: SNL Clips

      During this section of the show, we talk about Amanda's (successful!) quest to find great SNL clips she could use to teach her students about satire.

      Amanda's Post on the Subject (with free worksheet download and links to all the clips!):
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