Episode 009: Show Your Administration your Strengths

In this episode, I share seven strategies for showing your administration your strengths as a creative teacher. No need to wait for the observation!

#1 The Preemptive Strike
 Invite guests to a classroom event you’re proud of. Listen to episode 001, "Showcase Projects," if you'd like a little inspiration. 

#2 Get Published
A little recognition from the outside never hurt anyone’s reputation. 

#3 Present at a Conference
Even if you’re new, chances are you’ve already learned a lot and something is going well. Share it with others at conferences like the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference

#4: Create a Professional Development Group at your School
Choose a topic of interest and invite other teachers (and administrators!) to gather with you once a month to talk about it. 

#5: Classy D├ęcor

#6: Get Students out and About
Use the whole school for class. If you're doing a performance that would be perfect in the school garden, go there! If your students need new books for choice reading, take a field trip to the library. Don't be afraid to use the whole campus, waving hello to colleagues along the way. 

#7: When observation day comes, prioritize creative engagement   
 Sticking with the schedule is not more important than showing who you really are as a teacher.

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