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Ready for a moment to breathe in between help sessions, grading papers, putting up new bulletin boards, organizing your reading library, advising the yearbook, hosting the poetry slam, etc. etc.? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find creative plug-and-play curriculum to engage and empower your students. I only put my favorites on this page, so get ready for goodness.

By keeping this argument practice varied, relevant, and connected to authentic audiences, students will have more reason to stay invested in their own work, and not cop out of the feedback process. This curriculum is for you if you're looking to branch out beyond the regular confines of the formal essay and bring writing into the real lives of your students. It's a step towards helping them see that their writing CAN change the world.  

All the one-pagers in this bundle have templates and specific instructions, so every student can be successful. No more staring at a blank page and wondering what the heck to put on it. These activities will have your students thinking critically and creatively all year long, and looking forward to it. Did I mention it's pretty hard to cheat on a one-pager? Nope, it's all about originality and making connections.

Watch your students fall in love with reading as you implement this full choice reading program. Find out what books to include in your library, how to get them, how to organize them, how to check in with readers so you don't feel like the book police, and how to encourage reading with fun methods like contests and games.
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Engage, inspire, and empower your students with this student blogging project. When students write on subjects they are truly passionate about, everything changes. With this print-and-go curriculum, you can walk them through setting up a blogger blog and writing a variety of different types of posts, then launch them to begin mixing and matching the types of content as they grow confident in sharing their writing with the world.
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