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After a decade of creating curriculum, I offer you the best of my best on this page. I designed each of these resources to help you make your classroom more creative and effective while saving you time and energy.

"LOVE your Group Work Expectations. I bought it a few months back and it's just perfect!" -Angela Watson, The Cornerstone for Teachers

Take the time to teach your students how to do group work. You'll save them years of painful bumbling in group work situations from the classroom to the boardroom to family dinners. I created this packet largely because of how frustrating group work used to be to me as a student, and I was thrilled when Teachers Pay Teachers featured it in their newsletter last year and thousands of teachers downloaded it and put it to use in their classrooms. I love knowing that I could save so many students the painful learning process I went through. If you're interested in learning more, just click here

Reviewers call this packet of creative final projects "amazing," "fantastic" and "wonderful." 

If you are looking for creative projects that will engage your students as they complete their work with any novel, this bundle gives you five diverse options. You can check out the projects in depth by clicking here. I especially love "Literary Characters Design their Own App." 

According to one reviewer, "This looks like so much fun, I'm an slp and I'm always pushing into classrooms working with students and trying to make learning fun and more creative. This activity is fabulous!" 

After putting on over a dozen poetry slams and one epic poetry jam with my students, I've learned how to streamline this creative unit for students. This product has been downloaded thousands of times in my store. Get all the details and see each handout in the preview here

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