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You don't feel like yourself lecturing. You don't like teaching straight to the test. You want to teach in the creative style you dream about, but you don't want to alienate students who hate art or administrators afraid of change.

I know how you feel! I can help you teach the way you want to. I love providing the resources and strategies you need to turn your ELA classroom into a joyfully creative community. 

In my first years of teaching I regularly worked fifteen hour days. Every evening I was designing poetry slam and literature circle units, speed-reading books on portfolio learning and differentiation, baking cookies for Canterbury Tales story pilgrimages and project showcase parties, shopping for theater props and e-mailing guest speakers. I was a teacher obsessed by pedagogy.

I began to speak at professional development conferences. I wrote articles about my classroom experiences, like the time I taught 1984 in Bulgaria to students whose families either supported the Communist party or were "disappeared" by it. I created a workshop day for my faculty on teaching with technology, started a new teacher mentorship program, showed up weekly to my own "Harkness Breakfast Club" to talk to colleagues about how to use the roundtable discussion method I love.  I realized I love helping teachers inspire students.

When you choose my resources, you'll get the best I have to offer. You'll find your classroom becoming more engaging and joyful without sacrificing your sleep and personal life. And that will make us both so happy!

I suggest you start with one simple resource. Check out my Five Creative Projects for Any Novel and see if your classroom begins to feel more creative and more manageable this term.

And be sure to download the fun packet of ten free activities below. These are perfect for when you need a backup plan in the midst of a busy unit. Each creative activity is designed to work at any point in any novel.

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