Blackout Poetry Roundup: Examples to Inspire


Happy National Poetry Month! Whoo hoo! I love that poetry has a celebratory month. If you hang out here much, you know I'm a big fan of blackout poetry and I DEFINITELY think you should try it! This month seems like the perfect time, though it's also a great fit for pretty much any poetry unit (or novel unit, come to think about it). 

The concept is simple. Students take a page of words - it can be ripped from an old book no one reads, a magazine, a newspaper, or even a form letter that comes in the mail. Then they choose word and phrases inside it to circle and piece together into a poem. Then they blackout the rest with Sharpie.

I've shared quite a bit on this already - you can find my free instructions on TPT for doing this in person here and my free templates in Google slides for doing it digitally right here.  But today I wanted to take it a step further and provide you with some inspiring models to show your students as they dive into this creative poetry workshop. 

Below, you'll find student work from around the country, shared by creative teachers like you! If you'd like to submit your students' work to be added, feel free to email it to me at with your name and your school. 

Student Work from the Classroom of Tina McIver, at Council Grove Jr/Sr High School

Student work from the classroom of Amy Holt, Fort Walton Beach High School

Student Work from the classroom of Rebecca Lane, Vista Murrieta High School

Student Work from the classroom of Kate Akst, Cedar Park High School

Student Work from the classroom of Kristin Arbeene, Marlborough High School

Student Work from the classroom of Kyle Eichner, Wellesley Middle School

Are you feeling inspired to try this with your students? I hope so! Then snap a photo and send it my way or tag me on Instagram @nowsparkcreativity. 

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