Google Slides: Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Teachers (Part I)

Google Slides is my new online platform bestie. I mean, I don't want to choose favorites, but... Google Slides is definitely my favorite (don't tell Screencastify). Today I want to share some insider tips that will help you make the most of Google Slides. This post isn't so much a list of curricular options for using Google Slides (though by looking through it, you'll get a ton of ideas!), as it is a whole lot of tech hacks. 

Because over and over I see teachers needing the nitty gritty back-end info about Google Slides that will let them use it for their own creative ideas. 

For today, feel free to call me Captain Nitty-Gritty. We're going deep into the platform, so buckle up! These are answers to the questions I'm seeing a lot from the wonderful teachers in my membership, The Lighthouse, in my Facebook group, Creative High School English, and in my inbox. I hope they will be helpful to you! 

This is the first in a series of two Google Slides tutorials posts I'm going to be sharing. Today we're focusing in on customizing slides, forcing copies, creating interactive slides, designing beautiful slides, creating digital interactive notebooks, formatting virtual galleries and easily adding audio to slides. This post starts with more basic concepts and moves into more advanced possibilities; please pick and choose what's most helpful to you. Don't miss the very last tip - it's my FAVORITE (and possibly the subject of a whole blog post where we can dive deeper before long!). 

Next week we'll talk about Nearpod and Peardeck, polls, the Slip-and-Slide extension, using slides to create essay portfolios and storyboards, and more. 

#1 How can I design my slide deck to be the size and shape I want? 

#2 How can I share just one slide with my students from this huge slide deck of curriculum I've got?

#3 How can I share a link that forces the recipient to make a copy of my slides into their own Google drive (thereby avoiding a million "requests for access")?

#4 How can I use a collaborative slide deck to make a virtual gallery for my students without them deleting each other's work?

#5 How can I more effectively use graphic design in my slides? 

#6 How can I create Google Slides with interactive elements students can drag and drop? 

#7 How can I easily add audio to Slides? 

#8 How can I use Slides to create an interactive notebook with master slides? 

OK, that's a wrap on a whole lot of video creation for this week! More to come next week. Until then, have fun experimenting in this lovely platform. 

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  1. Betsy - do you have any of your master slides available?


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