Creating a Classroom Hall of Fame

There's a common suggestion in business these days to use "social proof." Show customers happy customers, and you'll find new customers.

Can we apply this business model to the classroom? I think so, though in this case it's really more of an inspiration model. I love to put the very best work of my students on display. I usually put it up from day one, featuring the awesome projects and programs from past classes to inspire my new students to creative heights.

But it's also a great way to wrap up the year. Show students the best of the best and inspire them as they move on to their next English class. Then leave up their work or, if summer school will be using your room, put it back up to start the next year.

I've created a fun Hall of Fame banner for you, featured above. Just pop into my TPT store here and download it for free. Print out the letters and you are on your way to a fabulous wall display.

Right now I love the work that's up in my display, though it was hard to choose. The playbill from my students' production of Death of a Salesman and the radio show program from our "This I Believe" live radio show remind me of two of my very favorite showcase projects ever - a topic from my last blog post.

I'd love to see your classroom hall of fame! If you decide to grab this free banner and create one of your own please pop into our Facebook group and show us your fabulous work.

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