Teachers Workout Too: New Music!

If you're like me, Thanksgiving break provided a few opportunities for those workouts you had been dreaming about. With a break from work and two parents home to take turns for those with kids, suddenly the gym and the trails became doable. Lucky, too, since there was also plenty of time for cooking and eating awesome food! 

Now that things are back in full swing, I hope to be able to continue my working out momentum. I love it, it's just hard to find the time! I know you understand.  

I'm always looking for new workout music. It makes a huge difference to the speed and joy of my workout to have really good songs in my ears. That's why I wanted to share some of my favorite  songs with you. If you haven't heard these, go check them out. They'll give a bit of extra inspiration to your early morning or late night workouts. 

And if you find yourself at the gym on the elliptical at 9:30 pm, cheers! I'm probably doing the same thing...


  1. Thanks for sharing some of your play list. I'm planning to hit the gym this afternoon for the first time in awhile. Maybe I'll give some of these a try.✿April✿
    Grade School Giggles

  2. Awesome! What are your favorites for workouts? I am always looking for new music!

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