Revitalizing Boring Old Attendance

Do you dread the first five minutes of class, just a little? Trying to get everyone to be quiet and trying to find out who is there and who isn't is not really that fun. Sure, bell ringer activities can be great, but sometimes you don't need to try to squish in one more handout in your period. 

My favorite way to take attendance at the beginning of the year is to play the question game. Instead of having students say "here," I ask them to answer a question with a succinct answer. This way I get to know them better. They get to know each other better. And they get to know that I am interested in them! 

You can come up with all kinds of fun questions. After a few days of playing, you can invite your students to contribute a few questions to your list too. You won't have any trouble keeping it going for as long as it is working for your group - there is always something more to find out about these awesome kids! 

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